The Best Place at The Best Time.

Last Saturday was a gorgeous sunny summer day in Tokyo and I spent the morning lounging in the sun in the park, studying Japanese.  It was difficult to tear myself away from the chilled out state that I worked so hard to calm myself into, but once I was on my bike cruising down the hot pavement, I could feel my Saturday Power start to rise up again.

I wasn’t exactly sure what was waiting for me at my destination.   All I knew was that Hors Pistes was some kind of design workshop supporting the arts and experimentation put on by the Centre Pompidou.  It was the opening day and the contageously colorful Andrea Crews was hosting Saturday’s workshop and opening party with the help of the oh-so-insanely innovative Yoruko Banzai.  Yohei (Banzai Brains) is one of my oldest friends in Tokyo, so I was going to help him out and make masks at his workshop.

it was great to see so many people getting creative at M Space & Bar in Ebisu.  M is a space that I have grown to really love and appreciate, as sometimes it is tough to find places that support and exhibit amazing artists in Tokyo.

One of the crew from Andrea Crews

Some of what was created at the Workshop

The dress rehersal

Little did I know that come nightfall, I would be dressed in one of the wild dresses created on the Andrea Crews side of the workshop, be donning the red monster mouth mask that I made with Banzai…and be the Ringleader of the whole Banzai opening party performance.

Yup....that's crazy me! Photo from

All I can say is that, thank God I had a mask!  It allowed me to turn into some crazed lunatic leading all the other masked maniacs in front of all room full of party goers.      Since I was in the show I couldn’t get any pics, but see more pics here!

After transforming back into my regular self and popping on my usual 90’s rappers girlfriend outfit, I jumped back on my bike and headed for Ni-chome (aka Gay Town) to see the Trippple Nippples perform at Fancy Him.  The streets were packed with people and it was the first true sign that summer is here and Tokyo is ready to SWEAT IT OUT all the way until October!  Yessss!

The day I met Yohei (Banzai) over 5 years ago was also the day I met Qrea, Yuka & Nabe…aka the Trippple Nippples.  On that day I helped them fill rubber gloves with milky booze to squirt out at the Audience at one of their first ever shows at MEAT (cult party in Tokyo).  Here’s a lil throw back to 5 years ago…

Trippple Nippples back in the day at MEAT

Yuka and The Fashion Ramone...aka Gallermic

I know that the Nippples ALWAYS guarantee an amazing show and unforgettable performance, so no way was I gonna miss this!  Bumped into Yuka in the street and she made me smile and giggle, cause I love her so much!

Such a good look for you Yuka!


Genius burkas made by the lovely Daphne Mohajer!


Qrea was working her magic on the other side of the stage and it was so hectic on the dancefloor I couldnt get to her!

just a little glimpse of what what happening out on the streets...

Riding home I bumped into the YATT boys, more old friends in Harajuku at 4am.  What an amazing day in Tokyo and a solid reminder of all the rad friends I have in this incredible city.

I Still ♡ You Tokyo!

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One Response to The Best Place at The Best Time.

  1. Shut Up! Your making me so jelly-us~! Wish I could be there this summer for some much needed fun Tokyo times x

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