Oh-Oh-Oh Okinawa. Part 2.

It’s hotter than hell in Tokyo this weekend, and there is no cool weather at the end of this hot, humid, summer tunnel.  Yesterday as I walked the streets of Aoyama, I could feel the heat from the sun above me contesting with the heat from the payment below, and man oh man was it a sweaty one!

All I can think of now is that blue ocean that I was swimming in only 7 days ago in Okinawa, the southern islands of Japan…was it even real??  I am now fantasizing all the big buildings, loud music and dirty hot concrete of Shibuya being washed away and replaced by a turquoise sea full of beautiful fishies and bright coral…

A storm a brewing and a beautiful scene for our ocean side breakfast!

Trying to decide if the storm was going to come our way...

One of the eeriest, most amazing moments of my life, waiting for the storm

Waiting for the rain, but it never came!

The storm passed and we went searching for another beach on the island....it was like a whole different land. Different sand, sunshine and flying humans!

Time for another amazing dinner....mmmm mmmmm

A bit of Amomori (the worlds strongest Japanese booze) and redbull...next thing we new, we were rocking out in islands one and only kareoke booth.

I went on a little adventure, exploring the amazing old neighbourhoods on Kume Jima....felt like a different world

さとうきび! Sugar cane everywhere!!!!

Really, nothing about this felt like Japan....except that tree.

All the houses which looked empty with no windows, all had voices coming from the inside, except this one. But I am still not convinced that it was uninhabited!

Laundry day.

Our last day on the beach. We found this little piece of heaven without a sould in sight!

This is what I want Shibuya to turn into!

We waited all day for the tide to go out so the sea snakes would leave us alone and Leon could swim to the other side!

It was so hard to walk away from this gorgeous ocean!

Pineapple Fields!

Sayonara Okinawa Pineapple Party!

Still hoping that Shibuya warps into Okinawa overnight….

A girl can dream can’t she???

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One Response to Oh-Oh-Oh Okinawa. Part 2.

  1. gill says:

    Oh my goodness…. I want to go there with you, right now!!!
    I bet the water was delicious and warm.

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