I can’t ever let go of TOKYO!

Sometimes I wonder where I am?  Sometimes I wonder Why I am?
Usually I wonder Where I want to be?  And always I wonder where else could I be?

For a girl whose mind moves a million miles a minute, these are the thoughts whipping through my heart and mind like the roller coaster Thunder Dolphin in the middle of Tokyo that I love to ride on a lonely sunny afternoon.  The feelings change, but the answer usually stays the same.  tokyo  Tokyo  TOKYO!!!

I am in Tokyo.  I am in love with Tokyo.  I am so inspired by all of the gorgeous souls here and all the history that oozes through the cracks.

It is difficult to explain to people sometimes why I keep coming back….time and time again, but this video series hosted by the oh-so-dreamy Parrell Williams features some of my bestest friends who I have been inspired by from the day we met.  Watch this and you can know why this city is like a magnet.

I can’t ever let go….cause it won’t let me go!

Click Here to Watch the Most Bang On Documentary on Tokyo in a Long Time!!!

The Tunnels under this city! Image from http://www.palladiumboots.com

Lovely Lovely Yuka Uchida - Image from http://www.palladiumboots.com

Yuka Uchida is stunning and the perfect example of the unique beauty that is Japan, Rachel from ilil & Kita Kore are changing Tokyo’s Fashion more and more every single day, Verbal and Yoon are doing an amazing job of using their power to show off and give opportunity to so many up and coming talented artists and designers in Tokyo.

Of course the music throughout is Trippple Nippples and so is the insane performance at the end!  They are 6 of the most authentic people I have ever met and they are the soundtrack to the magic that has been happening in Tokyo as of late!

Trippple Nippples private show at Trump Room was Super Duper Fun!!! - image by http://www.palladiumboots.com

Thanks to Palladium Boots to make so many of us in Tokyo so proud and for showing the world what the magic is all about!


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