Made it through the winter (part 1)

It’s April 2, and spring is finally here.  Despite the raging typhoon outside, I am ready to clean out the dark cobwebbed corners, spend every moment i can in the fresh spring sunshine, indulge in Tokyo’s gorgeous cherry blossom season and get my abs ready for crop top season!

But its pissing rain right now, accompanied by the strongest winds and biggest storm Japan has seen since ’59.  So no enjoying the sunshine just yet.  Instead I am locked inside, ready and willing to do some reminiscing.

I hate being cold, and living in a traditional Japanese house, basically made of paper with no heating, it gets colder than cold up in here.  So inside my paper house which might blow away at any moment, I am remembering that winter wasn’t all bad…

A solo birthday adventure to take a few breaths and focus on my 29th year ahead of me

Kusatsu, the heavenliest place on earth

Early morning mochi making with the raddest sumo wrestlers around! At the Chiyonofuji stable.

New Years Eve with my mamacitas!

Sea food? Nope! Because we ate it all!!!

Chanko nabe! Eating like the sumos in Sapporo!

Into the white. Onto Niseko. Ready to ride.

nothing like a good indian curry after some deep powdah and an onsen in the snow!

It was a cold winter and at times it was trying.  But I had a chance to remember just how much I love the mountains and though I have learned to love the big bad city, I’ll never forget my roots!  I will always need and love mountain fresh air!!!

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2 Responses to Made it through the winter (part 1)

  1. thats a nice blog post. heres to spring!

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