Made it through the winter (part 2)

I’m a bit of an airhead these days and just remembered that I had written a post called “Made it through the winter Part 1.”  And of course, silly old me forgot about part 2.  Just because we all love a little closure, here’s a mini part 2!

How to leave winter behind:

The first step of leaving winter behind is storing away both the hot water bottle and the electric blanket in the cupboard.  I am proud to say, both are outta sight, outta mind!

The second step is realizing that I had better get my butt into as many onsens (hot springs) as possible before it is too hot to even think about hot baths.

The third step is to remember just how cold winter has been in my big all-tatami house which is gonna be like a sauna before I know it.  I am going to need to use my visualization skills to stay alive in the summer heat.

The fourth step is to never forget these winter memories, cause winter ain’t that bad.

And finally, get ready for fun!!!  In summer, always remember to have way too much fun, get outta Tokyo whenever you can and pack an ice box!

Bring on Summer Baby…

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1 Response to Made it through the winter (part 2)

  1. gill says:

    I like the look of the photo of that quiver! I can’t wait for you to be rippin’ it on the waves!!

    Oh, and check out my blog list for inspiration – been spending hours trawling the interwebs and have found some awesome blogs to pep you up (aka froff out to!).

    We will be surfing together by next summer… for realsies!

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