It’s Who I Am

i am amber joy
わたしは アンバー ジョイ。

A Wanderer. A Gypsy.  A Day Dreamer…

Call me what you will, but don’t limit me to just one place, just one idea, just one thought.  With wide eyes and an open heart I have been gallivanting and living around the world, designing jewelry with the gorgeous Ebony Fleur at Make Believe, taking photos, dancing my heart out, meeting enchanting souls and learning about this mystical universe…             I could never have dreamt up all that I have seen and done, not even in my wildest dreams!

I love telling stories and hearing the stories of others.  I am so inspired by…people designing and creating incredible things in far corners of the world;  by seeing things that surprise me that I have never seen before;  by people standing up for what they believe in;  by authentic design and the mixture of art and nature. I have a great connection and passion for this gorgeous earth that we walk on.  I believe in authenticity and love.

I created this blog to tell stories, tales & legends….my own and those that have been passed on to me.  As always, there will be a soundtrack (music is a part of me), design, photos, jokes insanity and inspiration!!!

So please enjoy and read up on all that is, was and is yet to come.

This is who I am.  I am Amber Joy, and that ain’t no lie…..

1 Response to It’s Who I Am

  1. Bonnie says:

    You are the most amazing woman in the world!!!! Ms JOY

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