I can’t ever let go of TOKYO!

Sometimes I wonder where I am?  Sometimes I wonder Why I am?
Usually I wonder Where I want to be?  And always I wonder where else could I be?

For a girl whose mind moves a million miles a minute, these are the thoughts whipping through my heart and mind like the roller coaster Thunder Dolphin in the middle of Tokyo that I love to ride on a lonely sunny afternoon.  The feelings change, but the answer usually stays the same.  tokyo  Tokyo  TOKYO!!!

I am in Tokyo.  I am in love with Tokyo.  I am so inspired by all of the gorgeous souls here and all the history that oozes through the cracks.

It is difficult to explain to people sometimes why I keep coming back….time and time again, but this video series hosted by the oh-so-dreamy Parrell Williams features some of my bestest friends who I have been inspired by from the day we met.  Watch this and you can know why this city is like a magnet.

I can’t ever let go….cause it won’t let me go!

Click Here to Watch the Most Bang On Documentary on Tokyo in a Long Time!!!

The Tunnels under this city! Image from http://www.palladiumboots.com

Lovely Lovely Yuka Uchida - Image from http://www.palladiumboots.com

Yuka Uchida is stunning and the perfect example of the unique beauty that is Japan, Rachel from ilil & Kita Kore are changing Tokyo’s Fashion more and more every single day, Verbal and Yoon are doing an amazing job of using their power to show off and give opportunity to so many up and coming talented artists and designers in Tokyo.

Of course the music throughout is Trippple Nippples and so is the insane performance at the end!  They are 6 of the most authentic people I have ever met and they are the soundtrack to the magic that has been happening in Tokyo as of late!

Trippple Nippples private show at Trump Room was Super Duper Fun!!! - image by http://www.palladiumboots.com

Thanks to Palladium Boots to make so many of us in Tokyo so proud and for showing the world what the magic is all about!


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Awwwwwgust! ♫ ♫

Summer is going to be gone before we know it; the days will get cooler, I’ll stop sweating like crazy and the evenings spent sitting on the rooftop watching the sun go down over the city will be long gone.  So enjoy it while you got it.

A mixtape for the sweaty nights of August!   Download it here…

♫ ♫ Awwwwwwgust Mix Tape!  ♫ ♫

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Back on the Horse!

You know how some things just seem to slip away?  You just wake up one day and all of a sudden things look different?  I’m not talking about those nights that get “a little out of hand” and you wake up somewhere you don’t belong…those days are over (wink).  But you know how something triggers you to realize that your life doesn’t look quite how you last left it…you upgraded, you slummed it a little and you seem to have lost some of that precious time of yours.

Try throwing yourself into an insanely HOT summer in Tokyo where days become hours and the copious amount of sweat pouring down your body seems to take some of your brains & soul with it as it drips onto the steaming pavement.  Basically I am blaming the heat and insanity if Tokyo summer for my hiatus.  Not to mention the new sizzling tall drink of water in my life.

All excuses aside, Friday night at the SWAGGER Party, just 1 of 4 “must attend” parties in Tokyo that night, my friend Yu chan from Bambi&Faline asked my why I haden’t blogged since Okinawa?  Holy Banannas!  The horror!  When one of the raddest girls in Tokyo calls you on the fact that you have lost track of time, you are totally busted!  So here I am.  Back on the horse!  Yippee!

Here’s a lil photo diary of what has been shaking down in the wonderful world of moi.  I promise, the coming posts will be a lot less scattered and a lot more frequent!  Mwwah!

On a lone wolf wander too Kamakura, I stumbled upon a crazy water matsuri (festival) and ended up spending the entire evening drinking Nihonshuu with incredible grannies and gramps!

Who knew one, ok two, banana treats could make a girl so happy?!?!This man was almost as obsessed with me any my purple hair as I was with him and his…This sign actually says “CHEESE BALL”!   Need I say more?The Magic of Light & Wonder!Haunted house….Tokyo Antique Jambouree.  Try spending hours drooling over the most amazing antiques & only going home with one little treasure.  Gypsys don’t have homes, remember!A day with the fishies!Took a slowboat home.

Kabuki!Magu…aka Magblue!Mademoiselle Yulia’s new album launch party!  おめでとう!!! Just the begnning of her tour with the amazing Trippple Nippples.  I am so blessed to have such talented amigos.

Cult signs…oops! I mean gang signs.Angry Young Robotz Tour Tokyo…backstage with the maga babes Yuka, Qrea & Nabe…aka Tripple Nippples!  Such an insane show, I had to escape the messy mosh pit cause I thought my earing had ripped out and blood pouring down my neck.  Real life, sweat was running down my neck and I am getting a little too old for mosh pits.  Ha!The weather in Tokyo had been pretty obscure this summer and the little quakes and shakes keep on happening.  But the skies are gorgeous and as always, so are the people.


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Oh-Oh-Oh Okinawa. Part 2.

It’s hotter than hell in Tokyo this weekend, and there is no cool weather at the end of this hot, humid, summer tunnel.  Yesterday as I walked the streets of Aoyama, I could feel the heat from the sun above me contesting with the heat from the payment below, and man oh man was it a sweaty one!

All I can think of now is that blue ocean that I was swimming in only 7 days ago in Okinawa, the southern islands of Japan…was it even real??  I am now fantasizing all the big buildings, loud music and dirty hot concrete of Shibuya being washed away and replaced by a turquoise sea full of beautiful fishies and bright coral…

A storm a brewing and a beautiful scene for our ocean side breakfast!

Trying to decide if the storm was going to come our way...

One of the eeriest, most amazing moments of my life, waiting for the storm

Waiting for the rain, but it never came!

The storm passed and we went searching for another beach on the island....it was like a whole different land. Different sand, sunshine and flying humans!

Time for another amazing dinner....mmmm mmmmm

A bit of Amomori (the worlds strongest Japanese booze) and redbull...next thing we new, we were rocking out in islands one and only kareoke booth.

I went on a little adventure, exploring the amazing old neighbourhoods on Kume Jima....felt like a different world

さとうきび! Sugar cane everywhere!!!!

Really, nothing about this felt like Japan....except that tree.

All the houses which looked empty with no windows, all had voices coming from the inside, except this one. But I am still not convinced that it was uninhabited!

Laundry day.

Our last day on the beach. We found this little piece of heaven without a sould in sight!

This is what I want Shibuya to turn into!

We waited all day for the tide to go out so the sea snakes would leave us alone and Leon could swim to the other side!

It was so hard to walk away from this gorgeous ocean!

Pineapple Fields!

Sayonara Okinawa Pineapple Party!

Still hoping that Shibuya warps into Okinawa overnight….

A girl can dream can’t she???

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Truth. Not Copy.

In a time when ideas are being recycled, designs are being replicated, and big cities millions of miles away from each other are starting to look the same; true individuality and authenticity can sometimes take a little bit of effort to find.  When I come across people doing exactly what they are inspired to do, when I can feel their passion even when they aren’t in the room…That is beauty.  That is truth.  That is what I live to love.

Here are 2 videos that have really inspired me recently.  Watch, feel their passion, then go out and live yours.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray”


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Oh Oh Oh Okinawa….part 1

I think I have a serious addiction to the sun.  When I am in Tokyo and it is sunny I have this pull, something makes me feel like I HAVE to be outside.  It’s not just that I want to be outside enjoying the weather, but that I MUST.  Like it is my duty, like I owe it to someone (still trying to figure out who?).

Last weekend I fulfilled my sunshine duties on the beaches of Okinawa in Southern Japan.  We went to Kume Jima, a strange little island that is like some kind of time war;  but I can’t figure out what time it’s stuck in…there are old houses that look like they have been there for a 100 years, there are tacky resorts with early 80s flare, on top of one of the mountains there are Castle ruins from 1314, there are little Japanese izakayas serving more kinds of seaweed than you can imagine, and yes, the island has 1 karaoke booth, which we obviously occupied one night.

In case I didnt love Japan enough before, I went south and my love grew deeper!  Here is some of what went down on our mini break in The Land of the HOT Rising Sun…

Quaint little town at dusk

The cutest man with the chubbiest cheeks preparing the most delicious meal

The best seaweed dish of the trip!

Took a boat to heaven....I mean a sand island

I'm the king of the castle...You're the dirty rascal!

ocean pools filled with tropical fishies!

Create your own Jungle adventure...

I think these were family graves...found all over the place in the most random places

Stopped at an abandoned-looking shop for some local beers and a sun set

1 beer = 150¥. Cheaper than the combini!

Takoyaki & Manga!

Them clouds were crazy...and we didnt know they were bringing in the next days creepy storm

The sweet old lady who served up the brews thought we were coming to watch the planes, when we were really there for the sunset. But I gotta say, the brief moment of that plane taking off was pretty awesome!

I became obsessed with these little crabbies! They are a little like me...traveling around with their homes on their back, sometimes changing for a prettier "house" which also doubles as an outfit. These 3 helped each other warp up to the next level.

More Okinawa adventures to come….


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