What was once so crazy…is still crazy!

Having just read one of my favorite friend’s blogs, like an older sister I admire her passion for hitting the waves and determination to become a sassy surfer, I get that tingly feeling in my veins.  What tingly feeling, you ask?  The one where I drift into dream-land and imagine my life, driving a convertible, hitting the waves everyday, drinking smoothies, and wheeling a Keanu Reeves hunk circa Point Break.  Oh, it could be so good for me!

But then there is little angel on my shoulder saying, “You just wait a minute Amber Joy!”  And I am reminded of my 2011 mantra…Be Here Now.  So although the daydreaming is sweet, and I do want to become a surfer babe one day, I’m gonna be here now.  And here ain’t so bad at all!

Just like living in any place that is millions of miles from where you were raised and the culture holds customs that you may never ever understand, Tokyo can be a challenge sometimes.  But who doesn’t love a challenge?!?!

The typhoon headed our way tomorrow at 3pm, just one of many challenges!

It actually amazes me sometimes how I can get so used to some things that used to seem so insane!  Here are some things that never cease to rock me & shock me….

Like when you are entering a store fitting room and the shop staff hands you a white cotton-like sack that you have to put over your head while you are changing into and out of your items of choice, but before that you take your shoes off to even enter the changing room.  Or how if I picked up my cell phone to have a lil chat on the train, I would get lazer beam death stares, but no one flinches at the dude reading sexy manga (comic books) with girls in school uniforms next to me.  When you make hotel or travel reservations, you don’t have to pay a deposit because no one would be so offensive as to not show up or change their plans.  How you can get so drunk and pass out cold with your Louis Vuitton wallet hanging out of your pants and no one will take it!

I didn't take this and cannot take credit for it, but it is hilarious!

I’ll never understand what shops like this are for or begin to imagine the life of this little kitty’s best friend (the owner), who sometimes gets yelled at by a foreign guy on a mini motor bike…

Why these mushrooms always look so incredible to me…

The fact that this outfit didn’t make people stare any more than they would usually…

The madness you can get away with in a kareoke booth with the Trippple Nippples!

How Santa Clause is being held hostage in Kabukicho and nobody seems to want to help the poor man!!!

I continue to wonder why I do not own this cropped beauty!?!?!  And who on earth does?…

Japan is like a little dream land, and despite our fears of radiation and concern for the economy, rebuilding of a nation, this is a powerful place to be.  It is so nice knowing that people are looking out for each other and that some of the oddities I don’t understand are still going strong!

I’m jetting off to New York and California this week, and I know I am gonna miss this place like candy!!!  The sweet old folks sweeping up all the leaves that fall on the street to keep things super clean (I’ll especially miss this while riding the rat run NYC subway), the grandpas on my street who like to greet me with fresh flowers on my way home, feeling like I can talk about anything in Japanese….with fellow 4 year olds, and the lovely lovely family and friends I have here.

Though I sometimes get lost in thinking about what else is out there, this is where I am now, and man-oh-man this love affair is hotter than an affair with a pro soccer player! (wink)

So I leave you with My Best….



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1 Response to What was once so crazy…is still crazy!

  1. Gill says:

    I can feel your sparkly vibe spirit fingers from here!! Sounds like 2011 is turning out to be a good year for both of us. Perhaps we need to do our new years resolutions together more often! Xx

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